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My Power Station Technology (Pty) Ltd

Energy Sustainability Conferencing Discussions


Industries: Textiles Plastics Shipping Health Incentive Loyalty Banking

Systems: ERP Warehouse Accounting Finance EPOS Statistics Planning Health Production-Management Production-Planning Incentive Loyalty Enterprise-Back-Office-Systems

Specialisations: Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS); Full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC); Solving Complex Problems; Intuitive Programming

Energy Being

External: Work; Public Speaking; Consulting; Authoring

Internal: Healing; Healer; Environmentalist

Secrets: Reiki Master; Tai Chi Instructor; African Djembe Drumming Instructor; Kabbalist; Shaliach Tzibbur (Prayer Leader); Bodhisattva; Alchemist

Vision: No Cost of Living for myself or to my planet

Missions: Working to Make Myself Redundant; Removing "mundane" from our lives; Generating Self-Esteem; Generating Community Self-Esteem

Discoveries and Inventions

Software: 1979 (Apple II) Computers etc in The Link in Cape Town

New Retirement Paradigm: 1999

Jewish Meditation: 2003

Torah (Shma) Enlightenment: 2004

Reiki Healing: 2005 (started learning; qualified as Reiki Master in 2007)

Kabbalah: 2005

No Cost of Living (Energy Abundance): 2008

Buddhism: 2010


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Contact David

Phone: 074 119 3246

International Dialing Prefix: +27 or 0027 or 0927

Fastest Email: lipdav at

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David's Mind Mapping Web SIte

Worked For (Directly and Indirectly)

Achievement Awards Group - Client Development Group; Achievement Awards Group - Enterprise Development Group; Ackermans; BATSA; Caltex; Cape Town Council; Computer Sales and Networking Consulting to 50+ clients; Dimension Data; Distell; Eastcorp Investment Management; Efergy Electricity Meter Sales to hundreds of clients; Embiricos Shipping; Energy Consulting (Electricity) with hundreds of clients; Energy Training (Reiki, Tai Chi) with hundreds of clients; Iveco; FES: Forecourt Equipment Services; LeANO Technologies; Mercedes-Benz; Moore (Moore Stephens); My Power Station Technology; Neric Automation; Old Mutual; Peninsula Technikon; QB Systems; Racing Manager; Rapiprop; Renault; SAB; Samsung; Sanlam; Standard Bank; Stodels; TBA - Thoroughbred Breeders Association; Toyota; Trace Computers; Tudol / Crestar; UD Trucks; USABCO; Vrede Textiles; Western Cape Government - Health - Department of the Premier

Lived and Worked In

South Africa; UK (7 years); Australia (1 year)

Business Travel including

France; Greece; Lesotho; Namibia; Norway; Russia (CIS); South Africa; Switzerland; Tanzania; Turkey; USA

Holidays and Research In

Most of Europe; Israel; Namibia; Bosnia; Croatia; Montenegro; Serbia; South Africa; USA; Zimbabwe

David's Books

David's Books: Can be found on Smashwords; Kindle; Paperback

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Book 1

Book 1: The Torah as an Enlightenment Toolkit

Book 1 Cover

Book 1 Details

David’s first book, "The Torah as an Enlightenment Toolkit" is about building personal self-esteem. It uses Ancient Wisdom from the Torah (Old Testament or Five Books of Moses) and a Torah message of Jacob becoming Israel to show how it is possible for humans to take advantage of our dark side and emerge it into the light, ie enlighten it. The Jacob archetype is symbolised by Egypt, the dark place. The Israel archetype is symbolised by Israel, the light. These archetypes are for men and women. This book uses the Ancient Wisdom of Torah for anyone of any religion and the book refers not only to Judaism, but also to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and other religions.

Book 2

Book 2: A User Manual for Life on Earth

Book 2 Cover

Book 2 Details

David's second book, "A User Manual for Life on Earth", is about building community or even world-wide self-esteem. David contends that our "modern world" has been in "lock down" for 500 years since "enclosure started" and it is now time for a new paradigm to commence or rather for it to become main stream and not just the domain of "preppers." Enclosure created monopolies and monopsonies. Enclosure made the playing fields uneven. Enclosure created barriers to entry so that those with money could get better rates and better perks than those without money. Enclosure created centralised systems. But in the 2020s decentralisation is now mainstream. In many cases, it is already cheaper for communities to create their own electricity, water, sewerage, waste, waste to energy, solid waste, food, and other systems cheaper than they can buy it. Centralisation worked for 500 years, but it is failing. In A User Manual For Life on Earth, David shows that 2020 gives us 2020 vision and in an age of plagues such as sicknesses and "quantitative easing" where we have the plague of too much money sloshing around in the hands of too few people, there is an alternative that is rising and which in fact has already risen and that the centrists and communists and "elite" are so scared of it that they are trying to shut it down. But the cat is out of the bag, the hornet's nest has been opened, pandora's box is open, and many people are scared, but if these people can see past the fog and noise that has been created for them, they will see that an entirely new world is possible. David's ultimate vision is to meet our galactic neighbours. In order to do this our minds need to be free. Our minds need to be free of the mundane things that we worry about. The mundane things that concern us are how will we pay for water and electricity and food and clothing and housing. But imagine that it was possible to live in a world where all these were free! In 2020! Some tell David that we won't have any challenge. Maybe so, but one already sees an explosion of creativity, an explosion of possibility and intuition has made a huge comeback in the 21st Century, and that leads us to the possibility of telepathy making an appearance, and then we will travel to our galactic neighbours, not with a ship or spaceship, but with that most powerful weapon in our arsenal, a razor sharp mind that cuts through fog and noise and sees what cannot be seen.

Book 3

Book 3: Ramblings of an Alien

Book 3 Cover

Book 3 Details

David’s third book, “Ramblings of an A-lien” shows us how we can become a-liens and meet the aliens. A lien is a debt. How do we get out of debt? This book is a playful rendition of David’s second book.